Make the most of your forced isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak, and learn some new skills. If you’ve always wanted to learn to design your own book covers, flyers, business cards, or just improve your photo editing skills, one of my favorite YouTubers can help.

Isaac Gonzalez is a master at Photoshop, and has some videos to quickly bring you up to speed.

Now that you have these basic design skills under your belt, a great way to make some money from home is creating t-shirts, and books to sell on Amazon.

Apply to sell t-shirts on Merch By Amazon here:

Open your Kindle Direct Publishing Account on Amazon here:


Selling on Amazon can be very confusing when just starting out, so I highly recommend you join this Facebook group of helpful designers, all supporting each other as we navigate the world of Print on Demand:
KDP Amazon Kindle Self Publishing With Katharyne, Isaac & Tangent Templates

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